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מידע נוסף על בי בי בי - BBB

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מספרי טלפון נוספים

טלפון נוסף053-9386097

טלפון נוסף04-8868848

2 חוות דעת על בי בי בי - BBB

מחיר 1
אוכל 1.5
שירות 1
אוירה/משלוח 1
מה דעתך על העסק?
כתוב חוות דעת
חוות הדעת אומתה ע"י קבלהחוות הדעת עזרה ליחוות הדעת לא עזרה ליכתובדווח על תוכן פוגעניתגובות
לא נהנינו בכלל
לא קיבלנו תמורה בעד המנות שהוזמנו.ארוחת ילדים ללא שתיה וללא הפתעה במחיר מלא.טבעות בצל בהתחלה בעלות מלאה, המלצרית אמרה שאין הטבה על אף שיש עד 30.6.שעה המתנה לקבל שולחן ועוד בהזמנה כל דבר ארך המון המון זמן.
Never again!!!!
VERY SERIOUS COMPLAINT . As person that visits many restaurants. Both professionally and personality, I would like to bring to your attention a very disturbing and serious issue. I.expect no.less then disciplinary action taken towards your employee that is in charge of reception at the above mentioned branch. My family, my wide and out kids, decided to pay a visit and have a meal. Upon entering the branch we noticed that the restaurant was not full and there were several free tables and plenty of room at the bar. Just as we entered, we saw people that were waiting for the hostess turning back and leaving the place. I did not pay much attention to it at the time. We waited for some.minutes while the girl that we assumed was in charge of this job would notice us. She finally did, and we asked politely if they had a place for four people. She said she would check, turned around and went to another area of the restaurant. She did not bother to ask anyone, and seemed rather to be texting with someone, not paying any attention to us, or some more plleople that came in after us. Then she returned, and my wife asked her ( again in a quiet and civil.tone) if she had an answer for us. The employee turned. wife and replied: " "YOU SHOULD CALM DOWN!! This got us really peeved, and I asked t see the manager. Luckily he was nearby, the employee in question, kept repeating in a loud and condescending tone to my wife her sentence... The manager of the restaura
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